NYC Transit Ticket

The NYPD keeps running scams on me in the subway and everywhere else.

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People I know from New York pay the NYPD to torture me. The NYPD has regular people who work for them off the books pick fights with me, tease me, attack me, destroy my property, and harass me while the NYPD supervises. I don’t react. I just let them harass me. The NYPD has made me homeless. They tried to set me up and have me locked up but it didn’t work. The NYPD was successful in making me homeless. 

I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I eat healthily. I go to school. I’m making the best of it. When its cold outside I have to sleep in chairs on the subway platform. Most homeless people like to sleep on the subway, I believe because it’s heated. I don’t sleep on the trains, I’d rather sleep in chairs on the subway platform. I usually sleep in chairs on the subway platform in Midtown or on the Upper East Side. 

The NYPD has their civilian sabotage team harass me constantly. They will have girls and women they use to set people up sit next to me and pretend like there is something going on when I’m trying to mind my own business and sleep. The NYPD will plant drug paraphernalia and alcohol bottles around me and take pictures. The NYPD will also have people kick me and slam into me when there are security cameras everywhere. 

I was just written a ticket for sleeping on the subway platform at the new subway station on East 86th Street and Second Avenue. One thing I find strange is that the Police officer from NYPD Transit District 4 asked me what my old addresses were. The Police officer wrote the address 153 East 67th Street, New York, NY, 10065 on the ticket. I never lived at that address. God only knows why they wrote that address. These are the types of scams the NYPD and New York law enforcement run on me non stop. They also wrote I refused to give my mobile phone number when I was never asked. The NYPD already has my mobile phone number, why would I refuse giving it to them?

I have contacted dozens of New York City government offices to report the NYPD harassing me. It’s been made very clear they are not going to help me at all. I’m not giving up and I’m making the best of the situation. Hopefully one day the NYPD will stop torturing me or I will get an apartment so I’m not such an easy target for them. I have stopped eating in restaurants because the NYPD has had multiple restaurants tamper with my food. I only purchase food at supermarkets. The NYPD has also had several girls and women try and hook up with me to set me up and I turned them down. Now they have young girls cut me off and slam into me while recording me with their cell phone while I’m minding my own business. I have called to report it thousands of times, unfortunately the New York City government lets the NYPD do whatever they want. Whenever there is evidence against the NYPD or New York law enforcement, they destroy it. They can care less about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. It’s a big joke to them. Thank you for reading and have a good day. 

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