I keep seeing a notification from YouTube saying keep comments respectful and to follow our community guidelines.

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If everyone is seeing this message and it’s not directed towards me then great. Please let me know in the comments. Also, I just left a post on the YouTube help community forum. I know the rules of the Internet and social media. I don’t understand why I’m getting this message. On Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin I can see all my activities. Meaning I can go back and look at all the comments left from my account. I don’t believe I can see the comments left from my account on YouTube. 

I want to make blogging and vlogging my full-time job. I would not jeopardize that by leaving inappropriate comments under anyone’s videos. If I don’t like a video, I keep it to myself. I only leave comments when I have something positive to add. You can look at my Twitter right now and see I never leave any negative comments on anyone’s posts or profile. If this warning is there to remind everyone not to leave bad comments OK. But if this warning is being shown on my profile because there have been negative comments from my account I would like to know. 

I’m seeing a message from YouTube saying Remember to keep comments respectful and to follow our Community Guidelines. I don’t leave negative comments under anyone’s YouTube videos, so I’m trying to figure out what is happening.

I grew up around rich people and some of them pay the New York City Police Department and other law enforcement to tease, harass, and sabotage me. They go into my email and various social media accounts and impersonate me when I’m sleeping. They are able to do it because I have been homeless for the past five years. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I have no criminal record. I’m just broke with bad credit. Also, the Police sabotage every move I make. People think all homeless people are bad and it’s not true. There are a lot of normal and hard-working homeless people. I’m a full-time student and I’m trying to make it on the Internet. 

Any time I try and record a vlog the Police will have people start yelling curses and blasting music to ruin my video. Anyway, I can’t stop the Police from going into my account. I would like to know what negative comments have been left from my account if any. I have a feeling there must have been some negative comments or why else would I keep seeing this notification? If it wasn’t for the Police sabotaging me, I would be in the millions of views right now. Instead, I have 1,000 views on my channel and the Police are leaving negative messages from my profile trying to get me kicked off of YouTube. They are that petty and then some. 

YouTube video from the YouTube Creators channel, Creating with Common Sense.

With the little money I have, I subscribed to the student version of YouTube premium and regular Google G Suite. That is how important the Internet is to me. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thank you. 

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