The Police and their civilian sabotage team follow me around 24/7

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The first thing I would like anyone normal reading this to understand is that the United States government has almost all the money. If you run the country and have millions of employees and zero oversight, having someone followed around 24/7 is like buying a carton of eggs for us. People I know paid law enforcement to have me set up and tossed in prison. They had multiple women try and hook up with me. I saw it coming from ten miles away so it didn’t work. The sabotage has been going on for a decade or more. In my opinion, it’s been going on in one form or another for decades. I used to be a good looking guy. Regardless, the people I know who pay the Police, NYPD, New York law enforcement to torture me have tripped me up for so many years that they couldn’t even go back in time and find any women from my past to set me up. I have been broke, homeless, living check to check for so long, dating is the last thing on my mind. 

YouTube video. This video is a recording of me calling 911 in New York City.

I also stopped eating in restaurants because they poisoned me a bunch of times. Also, I worked a little bit in the restaurant industry and I saw what law enforcement is doing in restaurants. The Police have tried to set me up for almost every crime that exists at one time or another. Today I was taking a leak in a telephone booth. A man with one of those disease prevention things over his face and a cane comes up behind me and started recording me. I have been recording bits and pieces about what the Police have been doing to me for years online. You can check my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. I hold back parts of it because if you’re a normal person its hard to believe the government is this evil. They are out of their minds. That’s why they want all the guns from everyone in my opinion. The government wants to be able to treat us like garbage and no be able to defend ourselves in any way from anything. For example, if someone lives in the middle of nowhere and a burglar breaks into the person’s house. The government doesn’t want that person to have a gun. If the criminals kill the innocent homeowner, it’s oh well, sorry. 

I’m in New York City. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t party. I eat healthy. I’m 43 years young. I am one of the top Citi Bike riders out of hundreds of thousands of people. Meaning I have ridden more miles on a Citi Bike (NYC bike rentals) than hundreds of thousands of people. In my opinion, the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), Internal Affairs, NYPD, FBI, DEA, etc., all work together. I’m in the process of suing the NYPD. Let’s say someone who works for the government reads this blog. They will try and use it to discredit me. They will say, what’s up with this guy saying he has no criminal record at all, doesn’t do anything illegal and is being followed around 24-7. Internal Affairs or the Civilian Complaint Review Board will just coordinate with the NYPD to leave me alone for a few hours. Then the Police and everyone will say, look we have video of Mark Pine living his life, not being bothered at all, he is making it up. 

I have done marketing for dozens of companies throughout the years. I could easily earn a living blogging and vlogging. The issue is that almost every time I try and record a vlog, no matter where I am, people start yelling and screaming or blasting music in the background. I can be on Pine Street in the financial district at 3 AM on a Monday night and they will be there sabotaging my vlogs. 

I don’t do anything illegal and I don’t have a criminal record. The big secret of the United States government and law enforcement is that they have an enormous amount of regular people working for them in one form or another. They use these regular people to harass innocent people and run scams. It has been well documented throughout the years. Cointelpro is one example. You can read about it on Wikipedia (Wikipedia Cointelpro). The United States government and law enforcement have regular people, women and men, follow me around and harass me constantly in Midtown, Manhattan. That’s where I’m always at. I just filed paperwork with the New York City Comptrollers office to sue the NYPD. Anytime I request to look at a security video from anywhere the Police and New York City government says no. Those videos are for them to use as they please, not us. I’m a college student. I have a perfect attendance record and so far I’m getting all As.

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