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YouTube video. Entertainment crowdfunding.

This uplifting movie, television or web content idea is about a child. There eventually can be additional versions with a girl, boy, etc. 

The star of the movie and or TV show grows up in a homeless shelter or low income housing. She / he is 100% sober. No drinking, no smoking, no partying. 

She / he gets a minimum wage job and buys a laptop. From there she / he learns computer code. She / he ultimately lands a job earning six figures after growing up with almost nothing. 

She / he goes back to his old neighborhood and creates a non-profit teaching people computer code.

The key is to make it as entertaining and educational as possible.

Thank you.

Disclaimers: This is not an investment opportunity. All information is subject to change. Results are not guaranteed. Eventually, this will be a for-profit company. Right now I’m just crowdfunding it.



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