The NYPD keeps throwing my mail in the trash and the USPS allows them.

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I finally started video recording it. If you look at the video you will see me carefully mail my tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service. I put clear moving tape over the back of the envelope to make sure it was perfectly sealed.

People I know pay the Police to torture me. I’m not exaggerating when I use that word. I have contacted Internal Affairs, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, and several others and they have not helped me. I just have to deal with it and make the best of it. After seeing how evil law enforcement can be, I can only imagine how many innocent people are in jail and prison. 

The NYPD and New York law enforcement keeps throwing my mail in the trash.

I’m going to the IRS location to deliver my tax returns in person. I made an appointment to visit their location downtown in New York City. I hope the NYPD doesn’t take my tax returns from them and toss them in the trash again. Fingers crossed. 

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