Consent and dating startup.

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I’m working on a consent startup. The plan is to create a website and apps where people can declare their intentions for a relationship or dating upfront so that everyone is on the same page. They might be able to read a little about the laws governing relationships in their state. I’m confident I’ll create a few more good ideas to add value to the project along the way. 

Consent and dating startup video on YouTube.

I’m in the early stages of development on this one. I was inspired to create this startup for a few reasons. A few people I grew up with paid former NYPD and current private investigators to have women try and set me up. I was smart enough to avoid the setups. That made the NYPD very unhappy so they destroyed my property and physically attacked me dozens of times. Probably hundreds by now. I thought to myself if I would have hooked up with any of the girls or women they sent to ruin my life, I would be finished right now. These females who work for law enforcement might look like normal woman but they are not. They are being paid a lot of taxpayer dollars by the government to ruin people’s lives. If they don’t do exactly as they are told after they take the cash, the government will wack them in the blink of an eye and not one person will care. If they do as they are told, they get a lot of money and perks. Apartments, easy jobs, cars, clothes, etc. It’s the modern-day version of selling your soul to the devil. 

Another inspiration for the consent and dating startup is to hopefully protect women. I want to try and eliminate some of the sneaky and shady things that men do. Results are not guaranteed, but I’m going to try. I believe after everything that has happened in relationships and dating throughout the decades, I would like to try and take things to the next level. In my humble opinion, casual hookups is dead unless you are out of your mind. I would like to see people get in the habit of declaring their intentions regarding dating and relationships upfront. I might even incorporate something to do with STD testing.

Disclaimers: I’m not an attorney. I’m going to have to hire attorneys to guide me every step of the way. This is a hail mary type of startup. I would say 99% of this whole project is going to go into the trash. This is not an investment opportunity. Use this information at your own risk. Results are not guaranteed. Of course just because someone visits the consent startup does not mean they won’t go to jail in one second flat if there is a problem. Of course this website and apps can be hacked and everyone’s information will be made public. 

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