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Presentation is your website, mobile site, apps, social media, videos, photos, graphic design and things of that nature. Another part of presentation can be an opt in email collector.

Accounts included in presentation include Google My Business, Google Plus, YouTube, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

I help companies with all aspects of their digital presentation. Sometimes that is all a client may be interested in. Improving and maximizing their presentation with the goal of gaining viral social media and organic search engine visitors.

In my opinion, you want to have a nice thorough digital foundation by way of presentation. Any part of it that gets overlooked can cost you by way of growing your following on the web, mobile and social media.

I see companies with excellent presentations and others with OK ones. Of course I believe in the web and the value of taking it further.

I help companies with the writing on various accounts including Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook and their website. Sometimes I on to what has already been written and other times I create copy from scratch.

In addition to video and photos, writing is an important factor in the digital marketing landscape.

From my experience it’s good to fire on all cylinders. Meaning people can’t necessarily read your mind. I can but not everyone;)

It’s good to explain your products, services and establishments so people know what to expect. It can be done with quality copy, photos, videos, graphics, etc.

I have built up clients web, mobile and social media presentations to levels way higher than my own. The reason is they have more content and money. They may also have a way more successful business.

I don’t mention former or current clients on my website because I like to leave it up to the client to talk about me if they choose. I have worked in a digital marketing capacity with doctors, lawyers, private golf courses, construction companies, bars, clubs, restaurants, you name it.

My number one goal with any client is for them to feel like they received an amazing value. There are a few benefits to me when it happens.

1. Good vibes
2. No drama.
3. Referrals.

I’m going to be consulting companies on the web far into the future. It’s fun meeting people and making new friends. It’s also fun working with new people after I win them over with my skills. Once we pass the point of, OK, this guy knows what he is doing, it’s a lot of fun. It’s even more fun when they see results.

With that being said, I’m also working on start-ups for myself and others.

What does one have to do with the other you ask?

I can’t focus on start-ups until my digital marketing clients are happy.

One last thing I would like to mention is I charge clients by the week or month. I used to charge only by month and now I broke it down even further. The reason is a lot of companies have a pre existing team and they only want a crash course or analysis with some new info. Then have their current team stay on and implement it or maintain it themselves. Other clients hire me for months.

Both situations work for me. I don’t hold back. Once we engage, I move full steam ahead. Full steam! I don’t hold back ever. You never know who is going to turn around and introduce you to 50 people. It has happened and that is why I created my over deliver method.

I work with graphic designers locally and globally and help clients negotiate the best deals for the quality they want.

Graphic design can be your logo, banners on social media, image advertising, a pdf download you would like to offer on your website or just a fun message you would like to share on social media.

I will show you all the tips and tricks to find and hire graphics designers and obtain the look you want.

Of course I will handle it all for you and include you in the process if that is what you desire.

You can not put the web in a box. It’s a living and breathing thing. Every situation is a little unique and I will work with the goal of getting the best out of everything.

Clients usually have their own pictures or we can find a photographer.
I’m a big supporter of creating brand and corporate videos. You can use the videos on your site plus social media and additional places. There are a good amount of options when creating videos for your company.

1. Animation
2. Corporate Video
3. Casual Videos

Animation is an extremely effective and expensive way to get your message across.

A polished corporate video may consist of a voice over, professional edits and motion graphics.

Casual videos are filmed on your cell phone.

I’m a fan of all three depending on the situation and brand. At least choose one.

There are a few options when working with WordPress.

1. Create a design from scratch.
2. Use a WordPress theme or template. Quick and professional.
3. Customize a template. A little more expensive then a template, will look good and will be on site optimized on some level.

For a corporate site any of the three options will have you looking good on the web and mobile. We will optimize the site under the hood and have your site connected nicely to Google and social media. All WordPress hosting accounts will be created in the clients name.

If you have an existing WordPress site and would like it upgraded and optimized, I can do that too.

If you are interested in a new website you have a few options. If its a corporate website with no ecommerce, I recommend WordPress. It’s easy to use and looks great. If you want a professional look and don’t want to blow the bank you can find a nice template at themeforest.net That is where I get a lot of my WordPress themes.

Promotion may include advertising on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Microsoft, Yahoo and other places.

Promotion can include blogging, articles, writing and public relations.

I will carefully guide you through every step of the process and will act as a bouncing board and brainstorming partner so you made educated decisions pertaining to the web, mobile and social media landscape.

One of the key factors with promotion is to make sure your digital foundation is looking good before you start to swing for the fences. I love swinging for the fences.

Digital foundation may include website, text on site, pictures, video, graphics and social media.

Once all your pages are looking good and representing the brand / company the right way, we can start to ramp up the exposure with ads.

Digital advertising can be awesome when the stars line up. Sometimes it works better than others and that is why it’s good to be managed. There are variables like the competition in the market, reviews, etc.

If your companies digital foundation is good, I advise companies to take a chance with online, mobile and social media ads in many cases. It’s a gamble! Don’t do it unless you can afford to.

Online advertising can make it move. I’m good at creating campaigns and educating clients on how to make smart decisions surrounding online ads.

Google AdWords is a three pronged attack.

1. Search engine advertising.
2. Banner advertising.
3. Video or YouTube advertising.

Each market and industry demands it’s own strategy. Budget plays a part and so does the level of competition.

Google ads can be a lot of fun. Although there are a lot of variables involved. For example, competition, reviews and branding.

Facebook advertising is a good way to get the word out.

There are simple ways to advertise on Facebook and there are more detailed strategies.

I like to use them both depending on the situation and will work with clients to create the best formula to maximize the campaigns and exposure.

There are also free Facebook strategies to think about. Video is playing a bigger factor on Facebook than ever. In addition to just uploading videos into YouTube now Facebook is a great place to have them as well.

I work with companies on corporate video strategies and creating videos.

There are a few content strategies I offer to clients covering all social media. At least, I like to work with clients and make sure the presentation represents the brand properly.

Twitter advertising is one of the most overlooked. In many cases I will allot some portion of the budget to advertising on the social network.

It’s not as popular as Google, Facebook or YouTube although there are times where it can be an effective way to reach potential clients.

Yelp is a big factor along with Google and Facebook. There are more strategies inside Yelp than what you may realize. I know a lot of you are on top of check in specials and deals, there is more than that. Of course I”m talking about best practices because I would not play around with Yelp in any way they don’t want you to.

Best practice Yelp strategies include copy / text strategies, photo strategies and video strategies. In addition to the ones you may already know.

Corporate Video

Digital Marketing Videos

This is a selection of videos about the various aspects of digital marketing and some of the resources I use. Yes, I'm giving away some of my best resources in this playlist because I want to paint a clear picture of what a new client can expect.

The results will be different for each company and situation. That is why I present options to people and we create a custom solution together.

I'm big on interaction with the client. I make myself available 247 because I know people are busy. If I'm awake, I'm available. A few calls here can help a lot.