It Was All A Dream Hotel

Front of Dream Downtown during the day.

Dream Hotels or Dream Downtown located at 355 West 16th St between 8th and 9th Avenues is one of the hottest downtown hotels in the city by upscale party standards. The rooms look pretty unique and comfortable too from the looks on the site.

The ocean liner-inspired stainless steel façade with porthole windows, reminds of its 1960’s role as the National Maritime Union headquarters.

Haven’t spent the night yet, although I’ve eaten there and had drinks at PH-D Lounge, the rooftop bar, club and of course lounge with outdoor space. You can view the Empire State Building and a lot more from the terrace. When I was there, it was still light out and several people like myself were taking pictures and sharing them on social media.

Although this article is about Dream Downtown, the MeatPacking District / Chelsea location, the Dream Hotel brand has additional locations in San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Cochin, Austin, Bangkok, Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle.

So far I have only been to two of them in NYC. OK, back to Dream Downtown.

Inside Dream Downtown

Complimenting PH-D the rooftop Penthouse aka a serious hot spot to party downtown, Dream Downtown includes The Electric Room and The Beach. As if PH-D, location and hotel wasn’t enough to sell me.

The Electric Room is a high end bar located beneath the hotel.

The Beach is where the hotel pool is located. It also includes a bar, two private cabanas and chaise lounges.

Let’s talk about food. Bodega Negra, hot website by the way, as per the Dream Downtown website is described as upscale Mexican by Chef Michael Armstrong.

Another option is Cherry, offering, “a bold fusion of modern Japanese cuisine with French influences.”

Some more hot downtown hotels include, but are not limited to, Trump Soho, The Standard, High Line, Crosby Street Hotel, The Mercer, Mondrian Soho and Gansevoort Meatpacking.

When I say hot, I mean hotels located in the mix of plenty of shopping, bars, clubs, restaurants in the trendy downtown locals that many people in their 20’s through 40’s and even higher desire. I’m 38 and I have a lot more downtown hobnobbing to do.

They have a suite called the Guest House where you can entertain in 2,500 sq ft with outdoor space. Personal security by request for an extra fee. Just in case you didn’t come with your own. Personally, I never leave home without my personal security team although the more the merrier in my opinion.

This video is a little old, from August, 2013.

Here is another video from around the same time. A little dated, but still includes some good stuff.

There is a second floor conference room called the library and a state of the art ballroom called The Gallery. They also have pet friendly rooms for dogs less than 25 pounds.

Some notable nearby places include the High Line, Apple Store, Chelsea Market, La Perla, Morimoto, tons of other bars, clubs, lounges, restaurants and shopping. It’s located around the boarder of Meatpacking, West Chelsea and Chelsea. For me it doesn’t get much better then that as a base.

When researching the hotel for this article, I did notice some people mention noise from the club coming into the rooms on Google Plus Local and Yelp. As I stated, I have no idea because I never stayed there. Sometimes reviews are helpful and other times they are not. Me personally, it wouldn’t matter because I like the music and I’m a tried and true New Yorker. Dance music or whatever kind they play there wouldn’t upset me. Especially if I was there to party. Maybe some rooms are quieter than others. I’ll say this, it’s not the Upper East Side. Although I’m sure there are noisy hotel rooms up there if you count the street noise.

Another interesting piece of info is getting into PH-D Lounge as a guest. Do not quote me on this because I don’t own or control the hotel, but I did call and this is what the person who answered told me. If you are staying at the hotel you can get into PH-D from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM as long as there is no major event taking place. Once inside you can stay through the night.

Inside information like this is what blog disclaimers are created for. If you are considering staying, please verify yourself. I can not guarantee that info. I’m just trying to be helpful. What I do know, from the times I’ve tried, it can be extremely difficult to get inside the penthouse lounge, so as an added bonus of staying there to be able to get into the lounge, albeit a little early and be able to party the night away is a good deal in my book. You just may see me there.

Flight Club Sells Rare and Coveted Sneakers NYC LA Online

Outside Flight Club NYC

Flight Club is a sneaker store located on Broadway between 11th St and 12th St in New York City. They have capitalized on the market for sneakers that either sell out their stock or are from years past.

When a sneaker is no longer available at retailers it can go to the resale market on the web. People who were lucky enough to grab a pair or pairs may opt to go for the profit if the gains are that great.

What Fight Club has done is positioned themselves as a go between who can regulate the industry and make expensive sneaker purchases safer. Of course there will always be some games played in any industry by a small group of individuals. I read their FAQ and it does appear they do everything in their power to make the transaction go off without a hitch. Especially if the purchase happens at one of their two locations.

Wall of sneakers at Flight Club NYC

I would assume, definitely not an expert in ecommerce for sneakers, there may be a little room for people to mess around when ordering sneakers online. Not saying Flight Club, but I could see people messing around saying they didn’t get exactly what they expected. Not sure exactly how that works, I’m sure Flight Club has it figured out. Not sure who holds the bag if that happens. Call or email them if your interested in selling your vintage kicks.

One nice safety measure according to Flight Club’s FAQ is they make everyone sign who orders from the web. You can not receive an order from them without signing upon delivery.

In addition to NYC they have another store located in Los Angeles at 503 N Fairfax Ave.

I visited the location on Broadway but haven’t bought anything. I will say there are some real sneaker lovers out there and they have converted me. I saw a few pairs I would wear in a heartbeat.

Air Jordan 3 GS Infrared

A photo posted by Flight Club (@flightclub) on

The prices can go into the thousands of dollars real quick. Some of their top categories are Air Jordan, Nike Basketball and Nike Running. They currently carry some sizes of Kanye West’s sold out sneakers from Nike and Adidas. Another one that blew my mind is the Air Mag “Back to the Future”. They call it that because they are the shoes from Nike worn by Marty McFly or Michael J Fox in the film. Maybe not a pair worn in the movie, the same edition.

I like how their e commerce website has the shoes listed. Very professional as you would expect with this many high priced goods for sale. It shows the sizes in stock, how many being held in inventory and price. Interestingly, different sizes for the same shoe can vary in price. For example, the AIR YEEZY 2 SP “RED OCTOBER”. A size 9.5 is currently $5,750 and size 6 is $8,000.

I always like to read the reviews of a business when reviewing it. Overall people seem to like the place. The brief time I spent there, people seemed to be loving it. The complaints I read from Google Plus Local and Yelp were about price and customer service. Overall, most were happy.

Flight Club only sells new sneakers. When you visit the stores you will see they keep many of the pairs on display shrink wrapped to keep them in pristine condition. As per their website, you can try them on. I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert on all the mechanics of how the online and offline sales work here. I’m just getting the hang of it.

Another interesting piece of information is all sales are final. The reason being, and this is the genius part, the sneakers are not owned by Flight Club. All shoes are sold on 80/20 consignment. Meaning independent sneaker owners provide the inventory to Flight Club and receive 80% of the sale price. Once the pair is sold, they cut a check the next week to the owner and it’s a wrap.

Virtual Tour of the inside of Flight Club on Broadway in New York City.

Provocateur Nightclub NYC and Dubai

Outside Provocateur Nightclub

Provocateur nightclub is located at the back of the Gansevoort Hotel Meatpacking District in NYC. They have opened a second location in Four Seasons Resorts Dubai at Jumeirah Beach.

The NYC venue is split into two sections. Of course the nightclub and also a cafe. They’ve been around for a while now and as far as I can see the place is still rocking. I’ve never been inside although I did hang outside for 30 minutes last Friday night. OK, maybe it was closer to an hour. I went by well after midnight to research for the article. There was a steady flow of people going in plus almost as many getting rejected.

There was a woman at the front door regulating who got in plus a bouncer who had her back. I would have went in there in about 1 second flat had I thought I would have been able to get in. My outfit consisted of jeans, t-shirt, knapsack, sneakers and hat so I didn’t even try.

Stupid right? That just may have been exactly what they were looking for. Not buying bottles and dressed like I’m on my way to the gym.

PROVOCATEUR – DUBAI LAUNCH from Provocateur on Vimeo.

I will say, there were women and men begging to get in. There were a lot of people who walked in quickly too and they seemed to be appreciative.

When I did see one group of women only negotiating to get in for what seemed like 15 minutes, I said to myself, this place still has to be hot. Forget negotiating, they were begging. Not saying there is anything wrong with that because they got in and I would have done the same thing if I’d thought it would have worked. I’m home at 1AM writing about it right now when I’d much rather be in the club drinking champagne and listening to tunes.

Plus there was a good amount of people leaving who were hopping into Uber cars who looked like they had a wonderful time.

I called the reservation line at the Gansevoort and asked if staying at the hotel had any bearing on getting into Provocateur and they politely said none whatsoever. I was ready to book a room. Need I say the venue is exclusive and the location is amazing.

As per their website Provocateur NY is 7,000 square feet and can hold up to 600 guests.