247 Seriously

Currently, although I can not predict the future, I am available for clients 247. I do sleep, those times I wouldn’t technically be available. You can call me 247 though. If I’m awake I’m available. When sleeping my phone is off so don’t be concerned about waking me.

I understand clients are busy and my job is to be available to them when they have time for digital marketing: web, mobile, social media, video, ads, etc.

I have had clients call me nights, weekends, you name it. I believe they appreciate the convenience.

Once I get into a groove with clients, it’s easy to move forward. Of course, a little interaction via phone, text and or email at the beginning is good. This way we can all get on the same page.

I work with a variety of clients throughout the country in various industries. I actually love this job. I meet a lot of awesome people and learn about new industries every day. It’s always great when a new client starts to see results and becomes confident in their decision to work with me or have me work for them.

A few of the services provided include helping clients improve their existing accounts and showing them new digital resources and strategies they can integrate into the mix.

I say, believe in the web. It’s powerful.

I’m completely transparent with customers on the pros and cons of every situation and decision, so there are limited surprises if any.

At the beginning I used to charge only by the month. Recently I have begun to offer a weekly option. Companies can hire me by the week to minimize pressure on the situation. Sometimes one week is all a client needs to improve their digital foundation. Other times, clients will hire me for a few weeks or months.

I’m more than happy with either situation. I share all my best info out the gate, much of it before we even begin the first day of work. I’m good with working for a company for only one week and giving them a few new ideas they can integrate with their team or by me. I’m also more than happy working on a continual basis.

Thank you for reading this and have a good day.